Why should I use CCA?
If you are tired of a limited number of responses to your surveys and if you feel that the survey techniques you are using are still not giving you the full picture and you are not sure how to make sense of the data you collect then our survey software is definitely for you! Our survey software is designed to be user friendly as well as accurate with lightning fast results, which will help you to connect with your customers as never before!
What happens if the WIFI goes down?
For results to be delivered to your database instantly, the information must travel through your WIFI once the survey is completed. If for some reason your wifi fails while a customer is filling out a survey then the app will save and store survey results from that client on the tablet until the WIFI signal is back online. The app will transfer your saved surveys once the WIFI comes back online. There is also a sync button on your app which can be pressed to push any saved surveys to your secure database.
How does your software work?
All of our clients are given their own home page within our website and their own database which is used to collect and store their survey results. Our free mobile survey app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and you will connect it to your specific database via a pin code that will be generated once you create your first survey. After you build your surveys on your home page and upload those surveys to your tablet app, you can begin administering your survey! The results are sent instantly back to your database through your establishment’s WIFI connection.
Do you provide tablets?
Please contact us for more information.
What type of tablets can I use?
You can use any Android tablet but it is recommended that you use the following tablets which work the best with our software: Google Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7″ or 10″)

Is the survey app free?
Yes! Just go to the Google Play Store on your Android tablet and download the free CCA app. The CCA app will need to be activated by a pin code that you will receive after you sign up and create your first survey.
How do I create my survey?
Login to your secure home page and choose the create a survey option. Follow the instructions and when completed save the survey to your directory. After you create your survey, generate a pin code for your survey. You can now upload this survey to your tablet(s) to begin administering the survey in your establishment.
Can I order tablets through CCA?
Please contact us for more information.
Can I purchase my own Android tablets?
Yes! You can purchase any Android tablet from any dealer or retailer that you wish to do business with. We do recommend that you check out our list of Android tablets that have been tested with our software to ensure you enjoy an optimal experience. See FAQ “What type of tablets can I use?”
How do I connect my database to the free CCA app?
Once you create an account and choose your package, you will begin by creating your first survey. You will generate a pin code for your survey which will be used to connect your survey to the app on your tablet. Download the app onto your tablet and when you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to enter your pin code. Once you enter your pin code into the app, the app is now connected to your specific database and all surveys completed will be sent to your database where you can view your results.
Can I upgrade my package?
Yes, you can upgrade your package at anytime by contacting our customer service department through our Contact Us page or by sending a direct email to info@clientcareaudit.com. Our team will be happy to assist you with your request.
How do your consulting services work?
We offer consulting services to our clients who wish to have additional help in analyzing their results and coming up with appropriate next steps based on the data they have collected. We will also perform additional advanced statistical analysis to help you delve deeper into your results. Pricing will be defined on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further information.